Brainerd Public Library Monthly Presentations


2017 Gardening Presentations at the Brainerd Public Library

Presentations facilitated by certified U of M Extension Crow Wing Master Gardeners. Master Gardeners are University of Minnesota-trained volunteers whose job is to educate the public about a variety of horticulture subjects using readily-available, up-to-date research-based information. The Master Gardener Program educational effort is designed to enhance the public's quality of life and to promote good stewardship of the environment.

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Date:  Tuesday, January 10:  

Speaker:  Jennifer Knutson

Title:  “An Invitation to the Garden:  Creating the Perfect Setting for Outdoor Entertaining” 

Topic Description:  When planning an outdoor wedding, groom’s dinner, anniversary party, family reunion, or other big event, you want the gardens surrounding the important occasion to be lovely.  Information will be presented on how to make improvements to your gardens, tips for planting trees, shrubs and perennials, lawn care and controlling pests.  Five important practices to keep your gardens looking their best for your big event will be discussed.  Come hear practical advice and creative ideas on how to create the perfect setting for outdoor entertaining. 

Date:  Tuesday, February 14

Speaker:  Tracey Srock  

Title:  “Lettuce and Salad Greens for Your Garden”

Topic Description:  Lettuce and salad greens come in a variety of choice, they’re easy to grow, and they’re good for you.  They can be grown indoors and/or outside for most of the year.  This presentation will discuss variety selection, site preparation, maintenance, and harvesting.

Date:  Tuesday, March 14

Speaker:  Coralee Fox

Title:  “Plant Natives – Attract Pollinators”

Topic Description:  Human activity has left an irrevocable mark on the landscape we occupy.  In Minnesota, about 98% of the prairie that once covered much of the western part of the state is now gone.  Wetlands, the big woods, and other ecosystems are affected as well.  Habitat loss has had a devastating effect on native pollinators that rely on wild and semi-wild areas.  We are seeing declines in the diversity of both our native plants and our native pollinators.  The growing imbalance has negative, far-reaching impact on agricultural productivity.  As a home gardener, you can help while doing what you love by choosing native plants for your garden 

Date:  Tuesday, April 11

Speaker:  Tracey Srock

Title:  “New Adventures in Vegetable Gardening” 

Topic Description:  Love your vegetable garden but longing to grow something different?  This presentation will introduce you to vegetables that are a little different than the standard choices we’ve all come to know and love.  It will provide an overview of heirloom varieties that remain fun and interesting to grow as well as information on new introductions just waiting to be tested in your home garden.  Variety selection, site preparation, maintenance and harvesting will all be addressed.

Date:  Tuesday, May 9

Speaker:  Jackie Burkey

Title:  “Edible Landscaping”

Topic Description:  Looking for great ideas on how to mix fruits and vegetables with your flowers and shrubs?  This presentation will show you how to eat local, from your own garden, without the long straight rows in the backyard.

Date:  Tuesday, June 13

Speaker:  Jennifer Knutson

Title:  “Miniature Gardens”

Topic Description:  Enter the magical world of miniature gardens!  This seminar will present ideas on how to design a terrarium, dish garden and outdoor miniature garden, to include fairy gardens.  Create a charming, whimsical miniature landscape using dwarf plants and accessories.  Creative ideas on how to accessorize with items found on hand will be presented.

Date:  Tuesday, July 11

Speaker:  JoAnn Weaver

Title:  “Healthy Soil – Healthy Garden”

Topic Description:  Understanding your soil is the first step in creating a productive garden.  This presentation will help you to understand the key components of different soil types and the challenges that each type can present.  Information will be provided on improving your soil quality by means of soil conditioning, incorporating compost, and fertilizing for the best result.   

Date:  Tuesday, August 8

Speaker:  Coralee Fox

Title:  “Water Wisely – Healthy Plants, Healthy People, Healthy Planet”

Topic Description:  Knowing how soil texture affects water movement and knowing the what, where and how of watering are key to growing healthy plants and to conserving our precious water supply.  The session will include:  Tips for improving the soil; Tips for maintaining healthy gardens; Tips for maintaining healthy trees and shrubs; and Tips for maintaining a healthy lawn

Date:  Tuesday, September 12

Speaker:  Jackie Burkey

Title:  “Dahlias”

Topic Description:  Dahlias can add a lot of color and texture to a Minnesota garden.  In this class we’ll talk about how to successfully grow gorgeous dahlias and how to store the tubers in winter.  We’ll also look at examples of the many different classes of dahlias, from small, bushy varieties to magnificent dinner plate cultivars.

Date:  Tuesday, October 10

Speaker:  Jennifer Knutson

Title: “Beware!  Within the Plant Kingdom Lurks Evil!”

Topic Description:  Nature has many dangerous plants.  Most people know about the dangers of poison ivy, but how many Minnesota gardeners know that some common ornamentals can cause serious illness or even death if ingested?  This seminar is not meant to frighten but to inform.  Information presented will be particularly valuable for those who have small children visiting their property.  Most toxic ornamentals are valuable plants that deserve a place in your landscape.  They also deserve your respect.  Understand what they can do if misused; then enjoy their beauty throughout the year.  

Date:  Tuesday, November 14

Speaker:  JoAnn Weaver

Title:  “Exploring the Medicinal Value of Common Herbs”

Topic Description:  Herbal remedies are found on the shelves of many supermarkets and pharmacies.  Product availability, coupled with the popularity of consumers wanting to self-medicate with “natural substances,” is good reason to explore the known risks and benefits of certain plants.  Information will be provided on common cultivated and wild herbs. 

Date:  Tuesday, December 12

Speaker:  JoAnn Weaver

Title:  “Shakespeare’s Gardens”

Topic Description:  Celebrating the magic of Shakespeare in our gardens is something that we as individuals often unknowingly practice.  This presentation will feature an overview of the gardens and the plants that played such an important role in his life and that he so aptly described in his writings.    



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